We offer free and confidential HIV/STD/HCV testing at all of our office locations, with additional opportunities to test off-site.

Knowing your status is the first step in protecting your health. Caring Communities strives to make testing as accessible as possible by providing confidential testing free of charge at all of our locations.

We frequently partner with local businesses and events to spread awareness and test off-site.

Not sure if you need to get tested? Here are some important questions to answer to help you decide:

  • Do you have sex without using a condom?
  • Has it been a while or have you never been tested?
  • Did you know the STD status of your partners?
  • Have you had 1 or more sexual partners in the past year?
  • Have you ever used injection drugs?

If you answered yes to 2 or more of these questions, please come visit us for your free HIV/STD and Hep C screening!

We also offer free condoms in all offices, as well as off-site locations through our Condom Distribution Program, which enables us to make condoms readily available in our communities.