Teaming Up with King’s College to Spread the Word

Last semester Caring Communities and United Way of Wyoming Valley’s Regional HIV Services department teamed up with King’s College, a local school in Wilkes-Barre, to produce a few videos to spread the word about HIV/STD awareness and prevention.

Dr. Karen Mercincavage is an Associate Technical Professor and the head of Visual and Brand Communications track within the Mass Communications Department at King’s College. She works freelance as a graphic designer and continues to lend her talents by collaborating with local business and colleges to produce communications materials.

Under the supervision of Dr. Mercincavage, several groups of students in her Mass Communications course worked hard to develop these PSAs fully, from storyboard to final video.

Each duo of students first developed a brief or PowerPoint to outline their video. They listed the goals of their works: some focused on getting tested and the importance of preventative care, others wanted to remind viewers that HIV doesn’t discriminate and is something of which everyone should be aware.

The briefs also included an audience profile—who their video is aimed at and why they chose those parameters. Many also discussed why they chose the specific tones they did. Some went for hopeful terminology and supportive tones, while others wanted a more pointed voice to get across the importance of getting tested.

It is a testament to Dr. Mercincavage and her students when you are presented not only with the videos they were able to produce, but the thoughtfulness that went into them.

Please enjoy a selection of these videos below.