Employee of the Month, September 2018: Jake Beach





A picture of Jake Beach's desk with batman memorabilia

(Jake asked we did not use a picture of him, so we’ve taken a picture of his work space in its stead.)

Our Employee of the Month for September 2018 is Jake Beach!

Jake is a Program Manager for our Case Management Services. He is one of our committed and hard-working staff members who helps ensure our clients living with HIV or AIDS are receiving proper health care and to assist with unexpected life changes such as the need for housing or utility assistance.

He graduated from Bloomsburg University with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Bachelor’s in English in May of 2015 and began working with Caring Communities in June of the same year.
Before joining Caring Communities, Jake had jobs in retail, home health, and IT. Given his IT experience, Jake has helped out in periodically setting up computers, printers and routers. He is one of the few in our offices who can successfully quell the frustration that is getting a wireless printer to stay connected to a computer.

Outside of Caring Communities, Jake is a big consumer of all types of media. Books, movies, video and table-top games—you name it! This is easy to see with just a glimpse at his desk, bedecked in some of his favorite comic book characters. Jake even helped begin a Caring Communities Book Club for those bookworms in the organization to have a place to slow down and take time to meaningfully discuss literature.

Jake’s favorite part of his job, and really any he’s had, has always been to see the fruit of his labor: the positive impact he can create in the world.
“Being able to be where I am and having the impact I do is sort of indescribable,” Jake said.
This goes beyond his clients and extends to his coworkers and the agency as a whole. He says the nature of the job means his impact is further reaching and more life-changing than he imagined. It is Jake’s purely helpful nature that led his coworkers to vote for him. They noted his willingness to always lend a hand regardless of his busy schedule and constant floating between offices.

After graduation, Jake originally saw himself becoming a therapist and helping a handful of individuals over the course of several years. He has always had a deep desire to help. With Caring Communities, Jake has had the opportunity to help around 150 people in the past three years in very meaningful and often life-changing ways, from getting clients access to housing and food, to assisting with life-saving medications and treatments. The work is sometimes difficult, but always rewarding. In his own words, “Sometimes I get lost in the daily grind and get frustrated at the bureaucratic end of things, but when I finally lift my head up and really look at what we’re doing I can’t help but be impressed that Caring Communities and other agencies like us even exist in a world like ours.”

Jake’s positivity is not only infectious and comforting, it’s very intentional. In a world were negativity can so easily envelope someone, Jake strives to counteract that feeling for every person he meets in some way. It’s not the size of the impact he leaves that is important to him, but rather that he was able to make in impact in the first place. He references the parable of a man throwing starfish back into the sea after a storm and, when told it doesn’t matter because he is only one man, the man picks up another, tosses it to the ocean and says, “it made a difference to that one.” Going off that, Jake says he not only wishes to leave positivity in his wake, but to inspire it, hoping others will see the small ways they can help those around them and act on it.

Jake is an amazing asset to the Caring Communities team and we are always so thankful to have him. Congratulations again, Jake!